The Breasts They Carried is now open for business!

Oh, hello. My name is Nicole and I’m “the girl with the big boobs”. Well, that’s who I am/was/will be to some people, but we’re not friends anymore. I’ve been loitering around the online bra fitting community for quite awhile now and it’s high time I’ve added my voice to the fray, don’t you think?

Stuff that might mildly interest you:

  • I live in Germany, though I’m originally from the United States. Did you know they don’t drink regular coffee here? Only espresso! It’s mad.
  • 30G is my current UK bra size, though I spent ages 15-26 floundering around from 36C to 36DD to 38D to 34H to 34F, none of which were actually correct.
  • I knit a lot, though I have a problem with that whole “project completion” thing. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to talk about yarn/needles/cozy hats.
  • Elderly people in the streets stare at me a lot. Bright pink hair is very distracting, I’ve heard.

I have many intentions for this space, some of which I’ve yet to discover, but let’s start with these ones:

  1. Bra fitting awareness and education. These are my foremost interests and are very dear to me, so both will be a primary component of things to come.
  2. Bras as functional objects. I’ll be reviewing bras and brands, explaining how the product works for me, and whether I think its worth investment. One woman’s lumpy boob sack is another’s shining pinnacle of distracting cleavage, after all.
  3. Self acceptance. I hated my breasts for a long time, and they occasionally cause me distress to this day. I’m not an activist, merely an enthusiast, but this blog will be a safe space – there will be occasional complaints about these floppy blobs of mammary tissue, but I don’t partake of body shaming.

In the days to come, I’ll be writing my first reviews and the first in a series of posts on bra-fitting for beginners. Thanks for dropping by, and stay tuned!